Drones Public Dialogue

What is happening?

The use of drones in the UK has seen a significant rise in the last few years with their increased use set to continue. This means that drones are increasingly something the public is aware of, thinking about, and talking about. Government and industry want to know more about public attitudes to the use of drones both now and into the future.

From December 2015 to February 2016, our drones public dialogue is being run by TNS BMRB, an independent social research company that has been tasked with understanding and representing the public’s view on drones. The dialogues are sponsored by the Department for Transport, the Ministry of Defence and Sciencewise – all of whom will be helping to ensure that the public’s view is understood. This process is about embedding the public view in future decision making.

3 waves of public workshops will take place across the country between December 2015 and February 2016 – attended by around 150 people drawn from a range of walks of life and circumstances. These public dialogues involve discussions of participants’ understanding of drones and their current use – as well as their expectations, hopes and fears about the use of drones in the future. People participating in the dialogues will also have a chance to hear from and ask questions of key experts on drones – from industry experts to police.

The outcome of this work will feed into a much larger public consultation on drones in 2016, which will give everyone the opportunity to respond on a range of issues relating to drones including licencing and registration.

This will inform a Government strategy to be published in 2016.



What is this website for?

The website summarises what is happening in the dialogues, and also provides the public with more information about drones. We want to support you to do your own thinking about drones, or to help others discuss and debate.

You are welcome to download Dialogue Materials from the three waves of workshops on the use of drones in the UK. Materials will be published on this site after each wave of workshops (Creative Commons: Attribution-Non Commercial 2.0).

Wave 1 materials will be available from 11th December 2015

Wave 2 materials will be available from 29th January 2016

Wave 3 materials will be available from 26th February 2016

An online forum is available for workshop participants to discuss issues raised during the dialogues via the login portal – sorry, but this is an invite-only, confidential space for participants.


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